Easing Back Into Civilization

I’ve been going through a rollercoster over the past two or three years, but I’m finally at a place where I feel I’m getting to grips with life in general. So I thought, why not finish what I started two years ago when setting up this blog? I say I’m a writer, so maintaining this outlet and hopefully gaining a readership should give me the kick in the backside needed to publish my own work.

So, welcome back. I’m Deborah, but you can call me Deb or Dido. I’m not going to wax lyrical about every interest of mine, but many of my posts will revolve around writing and languages. On the writing front, I’ve always longed to write my very own detective fiction novel, ever since reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries ten years ago in middle-school. However, I wanted certain parameters: a black woman detective, an unconventional style and a howdunnit, rather than whodunnit. I hope to post regular updates on this front. Expect many posts on writing craft– particularly anything to do with line-editing.

(Punctuation is King).

As far as languages are concerned, I am angling towards a career in editing/translation in French at the very least, in addition to learning several others. I strongly believe in the value of learning languages– not just for improving personal competences, brainpower, and job prospects, but also as a tool of greater understanding between cultures, ethnicities and nations. We have too much division and anti-intellectualism in the world at the moment and very few people motivated enough to build bridges. I’m definitely excited to hear from other linguists, whether you speak just one or several languages.

I’ll also be showing my many other interests along the way, because I’m a big believer in open-mindedness and broadening one’s world view.

Hope you enjoy the journey!





6 thoughts on “Easing Back Into Civilization

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post! Are you German by any chance?

  2. Glad to hear you’re back on the proverbial horse again. You detective novel idea sounds excellent. You may have noticed my blog centers around a lot of writerly/creative talk as well, so we can certainly commiserate together between our two sites LOL. I’m always around if you need a pep talk or need a sounding board to bounce ideas. Just the other night a writer friend who is published her first novel last October gave me a really good pep talk that’s got me re-engaged with my novel. We certainly need all the support we can get.

    • Dido's Desolate Domain says:

      Thanks very much for your thoughts. I would be glad to seek your advice as this would be my first real work. There’s a lot of good writing material on your site, too.

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