Why I Write Black

This is incredible.

Pearls Before Swine

two generations

Because flowers grow in strange places

like tattered pieces of wood and recycled paper

Because history is frost bitten

and winter refuses to be comforted by the sun

bluish-white and numbed pain

cold skin

and prickling feeling

Because the sky don’t stay dark forever

but light ain’t taught in history class

Because some skirts

are too heavy

to lift without permission

Because Dust Tracks on The Road

was subtracted 3 chapters

Because some truths

are too big to sacrifice

on American alters

Because Zora died broke

and Nina died sad

Because their voices still sing

Because strange fruit still swings

Because ignorance is worth more than rubies

and diamond gems

Because no one has picked up the pieces

of truth

underneath the ruble

of bombed out churches

on 16th streets

Because little girls ain’t little girls no more

but crushed bones

and melted skin

a strike of disobedience

against premeditated sin


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One thought on “Why I Write Black

  1. Yecheilyah says:

    Thanks for sharing 👍

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